La Conner Studio 623 seeks out Pacific Northwest Artists

but the truth is, they find us.  We have been so blessed to currently feature  exceptional and talented Pacific Northwest artists who work across multiple media.


Stephen Suns on the bench
Warm sunshine makes Stephen happy

When you first see Stephen’s art his unique vision of the world is revealed.   The images are never what they seem, are on scale not yet imagined and this transfigures Photography into art.

besides photography Stephen is also very knowledgeable in stones and crystals.  He designs unique necklaces and explains the purpose for the selection of precious stones in each piece.

You will want to explore his art and jewelry in our la Conner location.


Greg  Whiting

Deception Pass

Greg has   obtained images belonging to his family which speak to life in the Pacific  Northwest.  They have great personal signifigance to him and he has chosen to share with us.

Yogi and the family

As a picture   speaks a thousand words so this photo tells a story from a day gone by.

Sunset in Des Moines, WA.

The sun sets gently behind Vashon Island.  Gregs prides his work with bringing the whole  Pacific Northwest to the minds eye.  Every one who live here recognises the iconic nature of the work.


Mari White-Bucy

Here to serve
Mari on the job

Mari usually finds herself  in the right place at the right time .   Her cell phone ready to capture something beautiful.

John Battles

Sacred Crow

Dragon Stone and obsidian are  added to a naturally occurring crows head.


It take s unique  imagination to encode “imagine” into a walking  stick in obsidian beads.

Magic Wands

Fancyful magic wands for multple occasions.