La Conner Studio 623 seeks out Pacific Northwest Artists

but the truth is, they find us.  We have been so blessed to currently feature two exceptional and talented artists who work across multiple media.

TERRY OGLE – Ogle Fine Arts Studio

whale tail and shore birds
Book match carving in Cedar and Black Walnut

Ogle is my name and art is central to who I am. Life shaped me as an artist, gifting me with a wealth of experiences I am fortunate to share with others. I find myself in Friday Harbor living an inspiration filled life for the last thirty years . Appreciation of nature and the “Circle of Life are the backbones of my work even today. Curiosity and exploration manifest itself in my abstract expressionism.  Observation and study are key to my representational work.

Sculpting in wood is a means in which creativity comes from my heart and my hands  When people touch one of my wood carvings, the warmth of a tree is still there to be felt.  Compelling relief carvings of marine life flow from my studio, such as orca chasing salmon, family groups of whales and giant octopus delight both young and old .

Watercolor painting has held my fascination for decades. It offers me a way to share inspired views of our island archipelago.  I paint whispering landscapes of magical mist covered mountains and rugged coastal vistas.   Watercolor paintings of kelp forests with brightly colored sea stars and primitive looking rock cod come to life form my many hours diving the cold strong currents of the Salish Seas.


Stephen Suns on the bench
Warm sunshine makes Stephen happy

When you first see Stephen’s art his unique vision of the world is revealed.   The images are never what they seem, are on scale not yet imagined and this transfigures Photography into art.

besides photography Stephen is also very knowledgeable in stones and crystals.  He designs unique necklaces and explains the purpose for the selection of precious stones in each piece.

You will want to explore his art and jewelry in our la Conner location.