wall of guitars
We build guitars

la Conner Studio 623  now sells, builds, and repairs guitars.  We can change the pickups, setup and level the neck, add new frets,  restring,  basically anything on an electric and some repairs on acoustic.  Perhaps you have  an old guitar in the attic you want to fix up or sell.  If you’re looking for   lessons  I can teach various styles, work on rhythm or lead, and learn a little theory.

in the shop 2023

Shopping with us is an experience, very likely accented with live music.  In 2023, we will present at least two shows a month on our sound stage in the weekend evening hours.  Join our mailing list  if you want  notification  of upcoming shows.

Meanwhile, besides guitars we carry CBD Products, Leather Journals, Kites, Science Projects, Books, Himalayan Pink Salt Products, Games, Jewelry, Art, Handbags, Walking  Sticks, Magic Wands, Tarot Cards , Smudge Kits, and Spa products.  

in the Studio 2023

We still practice the lost art of customer service, Dogs and children are welcome. Complementary bottled water is always available.    We are always looking for new unique  products  to sell.  New in 2023 we will carry artistic glassware and  vintage LP’s