Custom Frankinstein
a unique guitar

If a Telecaster and  a Les  Paul got married  and had babies then the offspring might look like this.  I  got the body off of Craiglist with the ad saying it was a telecaster  but  it’s not.  It had a nice neck which I knew I could use so  I bought it.    I had some parts from a Les Paul with a broken neck  so I repurposed  them. Thus the tune-o-matic bridge and gibson tail piece.  A different  guitar provided some  pickup mounts  and PAF pickups.  The wiring is more like a standard telecaster with volume, tone, and  pickup switch.  The  neck is a tele style no name brand but a nice rosewood fingerboard.  All that was left to do was  raise it up on a rack on a stormy  night  and wait for lightning to strike.  Boom!  It’s alive.  Sounds pretty good too.


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