I love all kinds of stringed  instruments but my main focus is  electric guitars,   My love affair  with guitars began when I was 14.  I was already taking piano lessons  when I went to  Hidden Valley Camp.  There was music after lunch and dinner and then again around the camp fire.  All the girls would gush  after the guy who could play Fire and Rain . I  came home from camp and announced that I was quitting piano and from this day forward I would be a guitar player.  My clever mother made me a counter offer, two more years of piano and I could get a guitar that day.  We both kept our ends of the bargain.  We went to Myers Music in downtown  Seattle  and Mom bought me a beautiful 75 dollar rosewood classical guitar.My first Guitar

My first guitar

The  first song I learned was Sitting on the Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding.    I have owned , loved , bought, and sold  many guitars since that day.  I love that each guitar has its own  story.    The desire to own a veritable harem  of fine guitars on a budget drove me to start trying to build my own guitars.  I tried making a guitar   from scratch which turned out terrible.  I lacked both knowledge and tools  but as time went by I improved.  I bought books on the subject.  Talked shop  with players and luthiers.  learned electronics.  Learned physics.

My shop specializes in building custom electric guitars  drawing on the lessons learned by  the  industry pioneers and masters.   I have asked and answered the questions  of   pickup type,   neck shape,  tremelo setup,   potentiometers and capacitors, interesting circuit mods,  and why doesn’t my Les Paul stay in tune.

We can also discuss  and, in some  cases , discourage  or promote  modifications you wish to make to your existing Axe.

I have an incredible  amount of respect  for the major  brands  which have influenced   the music world, Martin , Taylor, Gibson, and Fender.  In many cases , the components  I use to build my guitars  are  branded parts  simply because they are great quality parts.    I will never attempt to  sell you   a guitar  as an original  unless  I can verify  the serial numbers and part numbers.  I also do not relic guitars  in an attempt to  sell as a vintage instrument.    I have high ethical standards  because I know my reputation depends on it.

The choices  of guitars  we currently have in stock  are here  for a wide range of  players, budgets,  and musical interests. So explore and enjoy.  I encourage you to  come to my Brick and Mortar  store here in La Conner  where you can  get hands on with the merchandise.



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