Gold fleck, custom Telecaster
Custom Telecaster

I met a local luthier  on craigslist  who had a quantity of  guitar parts for sale.    I ended up with two bodies, one neck, and a bunch of great parts.   Then later on craigs list  I found a lovely flame maple  fender branded tele neck.  The  pickguard  came from ebay.   All of this came together  to build  “Goldie” here.  The pickups are original fender  telecaster pickups.  The  wiring is a duplicate  of a 72′ telecaster  schematic.   The  best features  of this guitar are its unique color, the satin finish on the  flame neck,  and the quality of the original parts.  I have played  around with  several setups  but ended up with light gauge strings and  the factory  setup specs.  it just seems to play and sound best that way.


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